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Short Advice for Mars and Venus - Part 3 
by Dr. John Gray
Summary of this article
Dr. John Gray published a deck of cards with advice for Mars and Venus on opposite sides. Here are some of the best cards of advice for your Marriage Tips. This is the third and last day.
Advice for Mars & Venus by Dr. John Gray
Advice for Mars: Bring her cut flowers as a surprise, not just on special occasions.
Advice for Venus: When a man is not expected to give more, he automatically wants to.
Advice for Mars: Validate her feelings when she is upset.
Advice for Venus: Tell him you love him when he is upset.
Advice for Mars: Her symptoms of stress are overreaction, feeling overwhelmed, and exhaustion.
Advice for Venus: His symptoms of stress are withdrawal, grumbling, and shutting down.
Advice for Mars: A man's greatest challenge is to take responsibility for his contribution to a problem.
Advice for Venus: A woman's greatest challenge is to let go of her resentment and find forgiveness.
Advice for Mars: Give her four hugs a day.
Advice for Venus: Give him a massage every week.
Advice for Mars: What a woman needs most is someone to listen to her feelings.
Advice for Venus: What a man needs most is to be trusted.
Advice for Mars: Women use "always" and "never" when they are feeling insecure.
Advice for Venus: Men take generalizations literally and get defensive.
Advice for Mars: Look her in the eye when listening to her.
Advice for Venus: Don't give unsolicited advice when listening to him.
Advice for Mars: Without nurturing communication, a woman begins to feel unloved.
Advice for Venus: Learning to listen patiently is a new skill for men.
Advice for Mars: Women use words to share emotions.
Advice for Venus: Men use words to share information.
Advice for Mars: A woman expects her partner to know when she needs support.
Advice for Venus: A man asks for support when he needs its.
Advice for Mars: A woman needs respect to feel loved.
Advice for Venus: A man needs appreciation to feel loved.
Advice for Mars: When a man rejects a woman's suggestions, she feels that he doesn't care.
Advice for Venus: When a woman resists a man's suggestions, he feels that she doesn't trust him.
Advice for Mars: Listen to her and don't offer solutions.
Advice for Venus: After listening, a man needs to receive messages that he has helped her.
Advice for Mars: Keys to communication are being honest and knowing your limits.
Advice for Venus: Practice is essential for improving communication.
Advice for Mars: A challenge for women is to support a man when he isn't talking.
Advice for Venus: A challenge for men is to support a woman when she is talking.
God bless your marriage and family.
Jim Stephens


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