Resources for Matching (More coming all the time)

Unification Sanctuary Matching Handbook

Most recent version available. Covers many important topics about matching. Valuable reference, especially for starting the process.

Principles of Matching by Jim and Hiromi Stephens

Handbook written by Jim and Hiromi as a guidebook for understanding the matching process using a paradigm from Divine Principle for Adam and Eve's family.
Matching Resources A long list of most of the resources on this page in a printable format.
Professional Matching Advice 15 page article that is very complete information learned by the website eHarmony. Lots and lots of details on matching variables. Excellent resource. A must read.
The Master List of Marriage Tips 1,067 Daily Marriage Tips. Hundreds of articles on the differences of men and women, how to improve marriages, parenting, etc. Inspirational messages, profound insights from God, and scientific support for relationships. (Website username: Member. Password: 20112011)
Sunday Bulletin Inserts 95 Inserts for Sunday Bulletins. Each one contains a Marriage Tip, a Parenting Tip, and a Spiritual Tip. Articles for supporting improved marriages, parenting, and relationship with God. (Website username: Member. Password: 20112011)

Five Love Languages Packet

Explanation of the Five Love Languages and simple questionnaire to determine your "love language". Helpful for the whole family to understand each other.

Five Languages of Apology Packet

This packet contains a full explanation of what are the 5 languages of the way people apologize and receive apologies. It also contains a 3 page quiz to learn your "apology language". A real breakthrough in helping people mend relationships and keep them healthy.

Myers-Briggs Style Inventory

The most widely used personality inventory in the world. This packet contains a full explanation and a 2 page quiz to determine your style. This helps you understand other people on 4 scales: way of getting energy (Introvert or Extrovert), seeker of facts or possibilities, spontaneous or making plans, etc.

Flag Page

This is an online quiz to help determine what motivates you in life, what makes you feel passionate. Very helpful for understanding what a person wants out of life. Packet explains about the test and where to take it. Cost is $15.

Energy Profiles Information

Check out this website and books: It’s Just My Nature! and The Child Whisperer by Carol Tuttle. Website and quiz: . Explains how people have 4 “types” of different energy levels and ways of interacting. Helps show how various types would interact in relationships and in a marriage.

Why Marriage Matters

Why Marriage Matters: 26 Conclusions from the Social Sciences. This is a 2 page summary of all the benefits of marriage based on scientific research.

47 Health Benefits of Prayer

This is a 12 page report from NewsMax Media that brings out 47 scientific, research based conclusions about the benefits of prayer. A very powerful testimony to the value of prayer.

Questions to ask a Potential Matchee A list of 17 questions developed by Marjorie Buessing to help potential matchees get to know each other on a deeper level. It is recommended that a person choose one questions to write on and pass it to his/her parents to forward to the parents of a potential match.